Customer Testimonials

There are many testimonials about The Holy Anointing Oil® and the DemonKiller products. Please send your testimonies so we can place it in our new book of Testimonies to be released in January of 2008.


- "The Holy Anointing Oil® has given me the authority to speak with boldness and to represent God in a whole new way."

- "We needed a miracle in our finances and we used the oil to anoint our wallets and purses."

- "We needed a job but wasn't able to find one, so we began to minister and sell the oil and now the blessings are overwhelming us."

- "I was sick and could only turn to God for help. We used the Holy Anointing Oil for healing and I have been healed for 2 years now."

- "I could not hear God because the enemy was blocking his voice. I anointed my ears and now I can hear."

- "My knee had been hurting for several years, I anointed my knee with the Holy Anointing Oil and I haven't had a problem with that knee since."

- "I had a problem with pain, I anointed the area where the pain was and instantly the pain left."

- "I needed a financial miracle I anointed my forehead and began to pray. I received my miracle the next day."